Dear Ugandan Brothers and Sisters

I know you’re and I’m in pain over the sudden death of our good singer, Master Blaster, who got killed last week in Bwaise, Kampala. We’ll dearly miss him.Thanks to Ugandan Police Department for arresting the perpetrator and I hope justice will be justly served. He was shot by a Ugandan police officer who’s now arrested. He wasn’t killed by South Sudanese as initially claimed by locals who attacked South Sudanese living in Kampala. Uganda, dubbed as pearl of Africa, shouldn’t be another South Africa. Xenophobia has no place in Africa except in South Africa where rich white men have muddled Black Africans through economic inequality to hate themselves, and thus, killing themselves and killing other Africans in South Africa. I have heard of some Ugandans attacking South Sudanese living in Uganda over the years and this week’s attacks on South Sudanese in Kampala couldn’t escape my attention. Uganda and South Sudan need each other to develop and letting misconceptions ruin our ties is dangerous. I appeal to informed Ugandans to do what Brother Bobi Wine is doing; making locals understand of what really happened in Bwaise last week and defuse the tension.BY ALL MEANS STOP XENOPHOBIA IN AFRICA! ‪#‎WeAreOne‬#

Brother in sorrow,


Dear esteemed reader,

Cordial greetings from New York! I know you’re probably busy celebrating the onset of 2016 and thought I should salute you in your celebrations. Of course we made it to 2016 and that, itself, is an achievement. Congratulations, friend! As for me, my girlfriend brought me to her parents’ house here in Brooklyn so I’m kinda having fun with these great people here. Her father is a humorous and philosophical mind.

He asked me so many philosophical questions and our dinner conversations have largely been centered on how things come to be. That’s,” why does stuff exist”? As you know, dear esteemed reader, philosophical discussions barely get definitive answers.

So we were chary not to ruin happy moments with unending discussion so we ended the conversation and turned to the rest on the table. However, I’ll soon share with my view on “why stuff exists” if you’re about that life- questioning things. For now, have fun with those you love and stay blessed.

“Be at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors,and let every new year find you a better man”. Ben Franklin. HAPPY NEW YEAR, dear reader.


What is going on in South Africa?

The other fuckery news is here again, xenophobic attacks in South Africa!

This week, the humiliating and horrid news is coming out of South Africa where xenophobic attacks have left hundreds of foreigners especially fellow Africans from neighboring countries like Malawi in depressed and degraded lives and an unknown number of people killed in their homes and on the streets: . This is not the first time that the South Africans are doing it. The history tells it well. Google for more, please 🙂 !

Apparently, the Black South Africans, which the world cozily stood by to untangle the then oppressive apartheid regime upon their necks have now got muscles and turning their backs against the very people whose unwavering help and sacrifices gave them the freedom they needed. It sounds strange for African man burning an African man in a broad day light in Africa for a mere presence in their country.

If true as it is, then the question arises: where is Africa heading in the 21st century? Developing or retrogressing?  I have heard of similar ugly events in other African countries like Tanzania where people reportedly killed people suffering from albino, and gays are having hard times in Uganda, Kenya and Gambia.  It is quite disheartening to say the least that all these inhuman practices still raise their ugly heads in 21st century. In this world, we’re all foreigners and there’s no wisdom in killing people just because they don’t have the same historical origin like you. Peace out!

And the Darfur Bleeds

And the Darfur Bleeds

Man where are you?

See you not Darfur bleeding? It is bleeding. You’re standing! You’re watching!

Of what reputation is the man who sits like earthen vessel when the ten old year Brooklyn girl is being raped, in his watch?  How different are you from that man? Man I say be gone! You’re of no use.

And the Darfur bleeds

And you say they’re Blacks and Muslims? And therefore not your business?

You see how imprudent and oblivious racism is, man?

See you not how unauthenticated and acrimonious religious views are?

Man, whatever happened to the value of humanity?

The Darfur bleeds

The Darfur groans

You are still sitting and watching?

Tell you what, friend, the politics of race and religion are drowning the value of humanity

Be warned

The race rules

The religion rules

The politics rules

And the Darfur bleeds.

And I say, will you stop Darfur from bleeding?

Stand up

Don’t watch


Boy on the Cross

Boy on the Cross

I mistake

I fall

They ridicule me to tears

Invisible tears flow

Cause am invincible

I make up

I rise

They assemble and wonder

I confront them

They are many

They overpower me and win

I rekindle the battle just as there is always a rematch

I win

They lament in pain, just as Jesus did on the cross

I lament not because you’ve never seen Messi weeping a loss to Madrid

I mistake I fall I rise I win they weep

Boy on the cross-

The Continued Slavery in the Republic of Sudan

Dear esteemed reader, you think slavery is a thing of the past? Me too.  But wait, we’re both dead wrong! The genocidal regime of President Bashir of Sudan still backs slavery in the 21st century. It is quite absurd and inhuman, right? Well, that is what it is in the republic of Sudan but the worst and hypocritical case is, the world is too busy combatting the Islamic of Iraq for its inhuman actions toward Christians and non-believers in the Middle East, and not combatting the Islamic state of Sudan for the same murderous actions. You see the West’s contradiction on terrorism issues? At my space and time, I would argue that the Sudanese government is worse than the Islamic State and the same response given to Islamic State should be employed against the Sudanese government until they cease supporting terrorist related undertakings.  I repeat Bashir’s government is more brutal than the Islamic State.

Why? Let me explain. The Islamic State of Iraq and Syrian are blatantly evils. They callously kill people on religious lines in their attempts to create Islamic world, convert non-Muslims into Muslims, and in all, their killing intentions are precisely political and deplorable, too. However, like the Islamic State, the government of Sudan does all of the above, and worst of them, killing people on racial lines and enslave them. Sudan is a much diversified country with so many tribes with different cultural beliefs and civilizations. With that said, there’re varying indigenous groups in the Sudan. The struggle of the Black People especially the people of Nuba Mountains and Darfur is appalling and does not require our muted response. An America civil rights movement leader, Martin Luther King, onetime said that “Injustice is anywhere is injustice everywhere”, and hence, the inhuman suffering and enslavement of Black people in the Sudan is unjust to our world no matter where you belong unless you’re unjust and merciless, too. Like I do, I strongly argue you to stand up against slavery, say never again!

The Republic of Sudan continues its violation of human rights in the Sudanese region.
Lately and according to Christian Solidarity International, an organization working to liberate slaves in  the Sudan and Christians under unpleasant treatments in the Middle East(mostly in Iran and Egypt lately), there are over 35,000 South Sudanese living under slavery in the Sudan. To validate my claim and in conformity with the above report, watch the testimonies of the recently freed slaves: They’re reputedly from Northern El Ghazal State (Aweil) in South Sudan. Not only these, many more unreported Nubians and Darfurians are under slavery in their own country. Apparently, the victims are being left to their slave masters mercy. May Allah bless them?
The Christian Solidarity International organization has retrieved a good number of the former slaves back to their home towns in South Sudan. The Republic of Sudan has been at war with Southern Sudan since early 1950s till 2005 when the two parties (NCP and SPLM) signed a Comprehensive Peace Agreement which paved the way for South Sudan’s independence in 2011. Though separated, both countries still fight proxy wars on the border fronts. The two Sudans affianced in a heavy border military confrontation in April 2012 in Heglig which claimed many lives on both sides though South Sudan was the victor.

While at war (1983-2005), the heavily armed Sudanese military forces would abduct South Sudanese children, women, and men and transport them to the Northern Towns and subject them to slavery. By slavery, they are subjected to rape, forced labor without pay, forced marriage, forcibly convert them into Islam, restrict them from traveling and many other inhuman evils as the retrieved victims tell ( read more here: Slavery in North Sudan) their frightful torments in the hands of their merciless slave masters in Northern Sudan. Slavery is a devilish act and must be stopped and to stop slavery, the world must stand united against oppressive evils just like the way it did 50+ years ago. Stand up for Sudan!

As far as the international community is concerned, and the abolition of Slavery years back, the countries like US and its political allies are doing very little or nothing to stop these protracted devilish practices in the Sudan. The Sudanese president who’s the head of criminals in the country as per the International Criminal Court’s indictment, for war crimes against humanity in Darfur, is at large and defying the calls for his prosecution. It would not be entirely wrong to mention that the so-called international community has backed down and licensed president Bashir to enslave, behead and bomb whoever he wants as it is happening in Nuba Mountains and Darfur today. The international court indicted president Bashir six (6) years ago over undeniable crimes of genocide in Darfur but then, nobody persecuted him and his two ministers. A curious mind would ask then, what happened? Why is the world babysitting genocidal dictator called Bashir? This article is a revised version of my old article.

The Two Sudans: The Politics of Retaliation and the Perturbing Stability in the Region

Last night I read an article with an inquisitive eyebrow on Sudan Tribune and although I don’t always dwell much on particular things on this reputedly Paris based Website, I find this more enthralling and thus, got myself goaded to write this article in the light of the recent politics of hit, hide, and whine type of Sudanese politics. The Sudan has been at war with itself since the British, its former colonial masters left in 1956, even before then, the British colonial administration found it quite challenging to control and peacefully manage the pugnacious politics of culture, race, and religions in the Sudan. Of the many contending religions and traditional beliefs, Islam and Christianity have always shoulder the religious differences and mindboggling wars of horrendous destruction in the Sudan.

In any case these two religions have a case to settle on a common ground and imaginably sign a treaty of non-aggression and live peacefully. The Islamic State of Iraq’s insufferable atrocities against Christians, churches, and the infidels in the Middle East is a typical example of how religious wars, alas, shaped lives in Sudan in the past and in some parts now, I would argue.

To begin with, the History of Sudan is always challenging to appropriately chat on except when one is making a particular point in relation to what happened and associate that event to what is happening today and likely to repeat itself in the near future, thus, the importance of History.  I’m no historian, however, I do smell the Sudanese historical actualities and mendacities from a distance, a little bit of snobbery, but yes my historical radar is undoubtedly charged and lively.

On 9 July 2011, the Africa’s largest country was divided into two republics precisely as a result of utterly degenerating form of governance sturdily propped by conflicting cultures, race and many others. In a nutshell, the people of the then Southern Sudan mostly Blacks and Christians were shrilly discontented and felt exceedingly repressed under the successive Khartoum regimes who are mostly Brown and Muslims (perceived Arabs?) ever since the colonial masters left which is evidenced by a nearly no development in the South.  Insecurity and poverty were the only realities in the eyes of the Sudanese population. This is not an attempt to say there’s full stability or development today in both conflicting sister countries, both countries are still struggling in almost everything but then at least something has changed as the past will/shall always be behind.

Since the formation of two Sudanese republics in 2011, the two administrations of Sudan and South Sudan have had conflicting issues ranging from contending border issues, backing each other’s rebels’ movements, and continue to craft grounds for conflicts today, alas. Back to the article I read last night on Sudan Tribune “Sudan renews accusations of Juba’s support over rebel groups” (link: ).

In the aforementioned article, Ibrahim Ghandour, Sudan’s presidential adviser, renewed unverifiable accusations against the South Sudanese government to be purportedly supporting the SPLM-North, an armed opposition group battling President Bashir’s Khartoum government. This is not the first time the Republic of Sudan is making such warmongering statements to their newly licensed neighboring government of South Sudan. Given the irritating relations between the two Sudanese governments, it is hard to discard nor imprudently dwell on these accusations either, therefore, it is better to warily analyze the perturbing situations that these accusations are forlornly hatching.

The troubled government of South Sudan has been making and continues to make similar accusations of Khartoum Government allegedly supporting the rebellion in South Sudan under the auspices of the former Vice president-turned rebel. Dr. Riek Machar, South Sudan’s former vice president, is said to have staged a coup against his former boss, President Salva Kiir, and declared insurgence soon after ostensibly failing to eject Salva Kiir from the throne. Since the two Sudans’ governments have wars within, their accusations are likely to be true and worth a great deal of attention when dialoguing on the regional stability. As I mentioned in the beginning, the Sudans have always been at war either directly or directly with the recent direct military confrontation in April 2012 in Heglig which only lasted after the international community threatened South Sudanese government to withdraw its troops who had captured the conflicted border area.

The whole Sudanese region and the surrounding areas as I’d argue are unstable. Wars everywhere in the Sudans from East to West and from South to North which leaves the Sudanese people with nothing less than the visible despicable misery. The seemingly irresistible wars in the Sudans have tattered the economies and destabilizing the Eastern African countries, and dragging the region to fight proxy wars of political and economic interests on the Sudanese soil.

The problems of the Sudans as intertwined to their bad past are appalling and to address and stop these problems, the region together with the international community should prudently persuade the two Sudanese administrations to willingly dialog on the most contending issues like demarcation of borders, oil sharing deals and impartially argue the need for viable Sudans that could peacefully co-exist and flourish well without bombs coming into it. As the wars rag on, the future of the two Sudans remain undefined and the two countries have almost nothing to offer to the world peace, and sadly, the world’s political and economic predators are seemingly squeezing out their interests.